Monday, August 19, 2013



So a friend and I decided a few months ago that after we graduated from college, we were going to move to Seattle. She planned on going there anyway to go to graduate school, and I have just always seemed drawn to that west coast city. I think I really considered moving there when I learned that the mayor of the city planned on getting the whole place to divest from fossil fuels (I work on my school's divestment campaign, for more information on the national campaign, this is a great site). I also like how it's a big city, but has the feel of a small town, mainly due to all the different and unique neighborhoods, though it's very close to and connected to nature and the beauty of the area.

I'm taking this next semester off of school, and my parents are driving cross country to send my sister-in-law's car over to Kodiak, where she, my brother, and their one year old daughter moved to recently. And since I will be around (though hopefully working), I'll be going with them to Seattle! My mom and I have been making some plans, such as where to go and what to see, and I cannot wait. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the USA, since I haven't been off the east coast, as well as checking Seattle out since before I know it I'll be calling that city my home. We plan on taking about ten days or so to drive there, spending a few days around the area, then flying home. Some stops we have planned are Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and the other Portland (Oregon). I am simply ecstatic for this trip, you have no idea. 

I'm going to be snapping picture after picture along the way, don't worry I'll share some with you when I'm back, but also of Seattle, so I can send them back to my friend and we can spend hours chatting about how awesome our lives will be once we're there. We already spend way too much time planning out our lives and talking about all the things we'll do, such as Superhero Saturdays (I'm pretty sure that's something we invented). 

I will hopefully be sharing from the road, if I can figure out how to blog from my iPad, but if not then definitely many posts when I'm back. But don't worry, the trip isn't for another month so I'll still be posting (more regularly perhaps). I am already planning a post for tomorrow! 

Have a lovely week, and try to enjoy the last couple weeks of August!

Naomi Odlin