Sunday, January 5, 2014

New year, New goals

Oh my goodness, it's been way too long hasn't it?! What started out as a few times a week blog has slowly started declining. I lost my mojo! Though I'm frustrated with myself for that, I think it has also shown me that if I'm passionate about blogging, then it's going to take work. I have to decide what I want to write about before I sit down at the computer, I have to remember to take photos of projects or things that I want to share here, and I have to strive to be interesting enough that people will actually want to read what I have to chat about. I'm working on it.

It's 2014, pretty crazy right? I feel like this is the year that has been hyped up a lot, but don't ask my why I feel that way, I have no clue. Maybe because it's the year that I would be graduating college, if I wasn't taking a fifth year. Well, as tradition calls for, it's time for me to think of 'resolutions' and goals for the new year. I don't really like the term resolution and the stereotype that comes with new year resolutions. It's like 'this is what I do wrong and I need to stop' and I just feel like most ideas people come up with are slightly unrealistic or already come with the concept that since it's a new year resolution it's doomed to fail from the start. Maybe I'm mostly focusing on the 'go to the gym six days a week' goal that almost everyone makes. I'm more into the idea of bettering yourself. Then again I suppose that is what all resolutions are for right?

So for my new year goals. I haven't really thought that hard about many of them. The biggest one I think, is to get my asthma under control. Ever since I graduated high school and stopped being a three-season athlete, I've noticed how difficult it is for me to run even short distances without having trouble breathing or needing my inhaler. I want to run a 5k, my first one, this summer. It's on my bucket list, so it has to happen right? Some steps I'm taking toward this goal is working out more. Typical new year resolution, though I'm not going to push myself to go to the gym at 5 am three days a week or anything like that. I've started a 30-day squat challenge, next month will be fab-ab February, I'm taking a ballet class (for credit!!) that will also help with my cardio hopefully, and I plan on going to the gym once school starts again to bike or run.

One of my other goals is to get an internship or research opportunity having to do with fair trade, or community gardens, or something along those sorts. I'm very interested in these sorts of things, and I've been thinking about what I should do when I graduate, and these opportunities will help steer me in some sort of direction.

I want to eat better. Not necessarily less or cut out sugar or fat, but just better. Eat proteins with grains (that's a thing right?), snack less or snack smarter, things like that.

Another goal is to save money. I'm terrible at saving. I think it's partly because I've never exactly had a job that I make enough money to save. I mean I've made money that has lasted my through a semester of no work, but I want to work on putting money aside that will slowly build up into some sort of savings. Along those lines, I'm planning on getting a store or airline credit card, to build credit. We'll see how that goes.

And finally, BLOG! I really want to blog more, and do more creative things with the blog. A few people have told me that I'm a decent writer, and I think it would be really cool to write or blog for an environmental magazine or website, so any practice I can get in writing will help me if that's what I decide to do!

Those are really my only 'new year resolutions' at least from what I can remember, but I have other goals for the year, such as go to Kodiak for my niece's second birthday and visit Seattle along the way, travel to see friends more, and get outside more, but I wouldn't call those resolutions.

I think I've made reasonable goals that I will be able to keep and accomplish! That's really the point of it all right? Come up with goals that will better you as a person but that you will be able to accomplish. Otherwise, what's the point of even making them? Let me know if you have any goals for the new year and how you plan on accomplishing them! Happy 2014.

Naomi Odlin