Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catch up

Oh my goodness it's been a while! Things have been a little hectic around the Odlin household so I apologize for taking so much time off from posting. Our cross country road trip was cancelled, for a variety of different reasons that I won't bore you with, we repainted the house, traveled to the Poconos for the weekend to see many friends, I caught a nasty cold, and now we're spontaneously going to Canada for the weekend! How fun.

For today's post I'm just going to share some lovelies I have found off the site Windsor, which I stumbled across from following Casey Leigh on Instagram and occasionally browsing her blog. She has many great posts. Anyways, Windsor has probably some of the cutest clothing I have ever seen, and I plan on buying myself some things there very soon, since I haven't treated myself to some new clothes in a while!

I'm in love with fold-over boots.

How cozy does this dolman shirt look?

A little too summery for now, but this dress should be in my closet for next year.

Harem pants. Enough said.

Cutest little jean jacket.

I am currently trying to decide which pattern of palazzo pants to buy.

This beautiful scarf has a subtle little anchor pattern!

Sunnies are a must year-round.

This sweater. I just can't. 

There are so so so many more gorgeous things on that site, and I can't wait to treat myself to everything from it! Well maybe not everything, but probably too many things. Have you discovered any new favorite shopping sites, clothes, or other blogs to follow off the ones you currently do follow? Let me know!

Naomi Odlin

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


When my sister went off to college, she got rid of (and replaced) many clothes that she no longer liked or did t fit her anymore. Lucky me, I got to go through all these hand-me-downs and make my picks before the rest went to consignment shops or Goodwill. I grabbed some jeans and immediately cut them into capris, though now that I did I I realized that they don't exactly fit me that well. But alas, they've been cut and cannot be uncut. So I was left with some ill fitting pants and a couple of pant legs.

I remember pinning on Pinterest something about turning the scraps of cut off jeans into little containers for different things and decided to search through my many pins, and finally found it. The project was so simple, straight forward, and quite useful in the end, so I just put on an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (my latest obsession on Amazon Instant Video) and busted out a couple. 

All you need are the scraps from your cut offs, thread of any color, and scissors!

Turn them inside out and sew a straight line across the cut part, at least an inch down.

This part may sound tricky, but isn't. Fold the fabric in half so the seams are opposite each other, fold the sewed part down to one side, and make a sort of triangle. Sew a straight line across. Repeat on both sides.

Turn it right, fold the top down a bit, and there's your upcycled jean container!

I used one of them to hold my acrylic paints and brushes, and I haven't found a use for the second one just yet. Though I'll probably hold some other craft supplies once I get all of those better organized. 

I just love to upcycle things into art or useful objects, it's one of my favorite things ever! Does anyone else out there like to reuse old things? Let me know some other projects you've done before! 

Naomi Odlin 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Etsy Love.

Just one quick post this week, sorry if that disappoints anyone! Here are just some things I happen to come across on Etsy that I simply fell in love with.

This cosmic ear cuff is so fun and pretty!

How beautiful are these twig wedding bands?

Simple yet stunning whale tail ring.

Gorgeous leaf hair clip.

Cloud and rain drop earrings. Genius.

The Trekkie in me needs this decal.

By far the most beautiful stamp I have ever seen!

I love these rustic, handmade twig pencils.

I could spend hours on Etsy picking things out for myself, friends, and my future home and life. I'm ashamed to admit how many things I have favorited that I plan to get my husband and family, when ever I get around to starting one that is! Finding someone to marry is probably a good first step to begin with, don't you think? I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of September, we've had some beautifully hot days surrounded by rain and cold. Tonight it's going to get down into the thirties! Bundle up and enjoy the waning summer. It'll be back next year, don't fret.

Naomi Odlin