Thursday, September 5, 2013

Etsy Love.

Just one quick post this week, sorry if that disappoints anyone! Here are just some things I happen to come across on Etsy that I simply fell in love with.

This cosmic ear cuff is so fun and pretty!

How beautiful are these twig wedding bands?

Simple yet stunning whale tail ring.

Gorgeous leaf hair clip.

Cloud and rain drop earrings. Genius.

The Trekkie in me needs this decal.

By far the most beautiful stamp I have ever seen!

I love these rustic, handmade twig pencils.

I could spend hours on Etsy picking things out for myself, friends, and my future home and life. I'm ashamed to admit how many things I have favorited that I plan to get my husband and family, when ever I get around to starting one that is! Finding someone to marry is probably a good first step to begin with, don't you think? I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of September, we've had some beautifully hot days surrounded by rain and cold. Tonight it's going to get down into the thirties! Bundle up and enjoy the waning summer. It'll be back next year, don't fret.

Naomi Odlin