Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Hiding under some very large leaves in our garden were some very large zucchinis, I mean like as long as my arm and as big as my calf. They were huge! And as everyone knows, or should know, the only thing to do with giant zucchini is to shred and bake with them! So last night I made some chocolate chip zucchini bread. I found this super easy and delicious recipe off Pinterest. Now I meant to document my whole baking process, but I was too excited and forgot so this is what I came up with as an alternative!

Giant zucchini...


Plus chocolate chips...

Equals some scrumptious bread!

I tweaked the recipe a tiny bit more to my liking, like I used a little less sugar, and I used two eggs and some applesauce (a great egg substitute and it makes your baked goods more moist). And of course a bunch of extra chocolate chips, because there is no such thing as too much chocolate in my book. I enjoyed this bread thoroughly for dessert last night, after a meal of daal and quinoa which I made as well and thought was super good, and for breakfast this morning. We still have two big zucchini, and more to come from the garden, so I think I'll make this recipe again soon, and maybe some carrot, zucchini, blueberry muffins, and probably some baked parmesan breaded zucchini fries. Do you have any other zucchini recipes that you enjoy, that you think I should attempt to make?

Thanks for reading!

Naomi Odlin