Monday, August 26, 2013


On Thursday, my sister, Mireia, my mom, a friend, and I drove down to Connecticut because my sister was starting her freshman year of college on Friday. We stayed with some friends in Bridgeport Thursday night, then went up to New London where Mireia's college is located Friday morning to move her in. I used to go to school at the University of Bridgeport, freshman year and one semester of sophomore year, before transferring to the University of New Hampshire. It was an interesting experience at UB. I hadn't been back since I left almost two years ago, so it was so strange to be back on campus, so much had changed but at the same time so little had. The dining hall was redone and now looks beautiful, the bookstore moved to a new location, they moved the knight (mascot) from in the student center to the middle of campus for everyone to see. But many things were still the same, the library, the dorms, and some of the people! Since it as just freshmen orientation, I didn't get to see that many people that I went to school with, even the athletes were busy with practice so I couldn't say hi (I knew a bunch of them from being on the volleyball team myself).

Luckily, I do have quite a few friends that live in the Bridgeport area, who either grew up there or are already back in their apartments for the school year. I know a lot of them not from going to school in the area, but from growing up together in camps, life, and church. It was so lovely to be able to hang out with them and catch up and act silly together. That night, I hung out at Seaside Park with a bunch of friends, just jamming and chatting and chilling, which was great because that is one of the things I miss most about UB, it's right on the Long Island Sound, I could see the beach from my freshman year dorm window! One thing I don't miss is the fact that you can see barely any stars, but you can't have everything can you. Anyways, that night I stayed up all night and watched the sunrise, which was gorgeous I might add, and only regretted it a tiny bit the next day when I had to help my sister move into her school. Apparently I was only brought along to do all the heavy lifting, who knew microwaves weighed that much?!

Connecticut College, where Mireia is going, is right on the Thames River, very close to Rhode Island, and out the window of her triple, you can see the river, and it's such a great view, I'm jealous! Her roommates seem very nice, campus is very pretty, small but with lots of fields and nature, and her orientation sounds very cool, complete with community service around the town! I hope she likes school, it flies by, and makes some friendships that will last forever. She starts classes on Thursday, and though she hasn't declared a major yet, I'm sure she'll find her niche in school soon enough.

Visiting my old school, and bringing Mireia to her new school, and having all of my UNH friends moving back to school this weekend as well, has made me realize how much I'm going to miss and miss out on this semester, but it's a good thing that I'm taking time off. There are many things I plan (want) on doing during this time off, such as work, and work out, as well as take time to think about where I'm going with my life, and hopefully getting a little more direction and achievable goals for myself.

This was a long post with no pictures, I'm sorry about that! I promise that my next post will be a little more upbeat and fun. I hope everyone who is back at school will enjoy themselves! Have a great week.

Naomi Odlin