Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten Thousand Villages Loves

There's this store in the Old Port, aka Portland, that I'm in love with. I know it has a few other shops around the country, I'm not sure where though, but it also has a website. The store is called Ten Thousand Villages, and it's a nonprofit fairtrade shop, two of my favorite things! Everything in the store is handmade, a lot of it is upcycled, and is from all over the world. Everytime I'm in the area I just have to go in and I almost always leave with something. The other day my mom and I started our Christmas shopping (I didn't want to because I don't like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving) because we're going to be sending presents out to my brother and his family in Alaska pretty soon. I of course wanted to get some gifts from Ten Thousand Villages, and decided that I would share some things from the store that I love with you guys here on my blog! I hope you like them.

This dancing sculpture from Burkina Faso is awesome.

What a perfect toy to get a little person as a gift!

Made in Kenya, this bracelet is beautiful.

 I want this for my everyday bag!

Prettiest leaf wind chime ever.

I am in love with this quirky cheese knife.

They are called flowing waters earrings. I can totally see it.

I'm going to get this tree topper angel from the Philippines.

The story of how this wall art is made is too cool.

And finally any Zelda fans out there want this owl ocarina?

I could literally (not really) buy everything in that store. I'm going to put it on my wedding registry, whenever that will be haha. And the things you see in there, I can't believe it's all handmade! Unreal. I love that it's fairtrade and sustainable, but I also love how local it is to me, because I love being local as well! Let me know if you end up checking the shop out. Have a wonderful week!

Naomi Odlin