Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Recipes to Try

Happy November everyone! I can't handle how it's already dark at five now that we set the clocks back, I miss the sun. But before we know it we'll be setting the clocks ahead again and be at the beach in the summer! Thus is the cycle of life.

Since it's been slowing getting colder and colder, and now that I have brought out the down and wool blankets, it's about time to turn to my food Pinterest board and look for those yummy fall-type recipes that I want to try out this season. Here are ten that I can't wait to try.

And for dessert...

A lot of these look and sound like that aren't that difficult to make which I like. Also some of them seem like the could be stand alone meals, which is my most favorite thing ever since I'm not a big fan of making bunches of sides to go with whatever I just spent an hour or two creating. Maybe one day if I have a family I'll be more into side dishes, but for now it's not what I like to do. I think I may try to make one of those quinoa recipes today, because quinoa and I have a wonderful relationship together where we just love each other for who we are and what we might become (a meal in the quinoa's case). 

Are there any cozy meals that you can't wait to try out as the weather outside gets less friendly? Let me know and enjoy your November!

Naomi Odlin