Sunday, October 20, 2013

Apple Crisp!

Guys! I made apple crisp for the first time the other night! and I remembered to take pictures of the process, which I'm pretty proud of myself for. As mentioned before in one of my posts, I don't really follow recipes, but it tasted really good!

Start with apples! These were from our apple picking trip a couple of weeks ago.

Peel your apples! If you have a small pan, just peel a few, but keep in mind they they will get smaller when cooking, so make sure you have enough apples to pile your pan high.

Core your apples! Careful not to accidentally cut yourself like I did (stabbed myself actually, right in the palm ouch!)

Slice those apples up!

Now I didn't take a picture of a couple of the steps sorry! Basically what you do is toss your sliced apples with some flour, sugar, and apple pie spice and put them in your pan. Then make a mixture of oats, melted butter, a little flour, sugar, and apple pie spice, and cover the apples with it. 

Then cook your crisp at 350 degrees for an hour or so. Then let it cool a little, top it off with vanilla ice cream if you're into that sort of thing, and dig in!

After this first attempt of mine was successful, and I realized how easy apple crisp is, I experimented and made another for my cousin's baby shower. I did it without sugar (honey instead) and added cranberries to the crumble mixture. One thing that I didn't do this second time around that I should have, was cover it with foil at the beginning to let the apples cook, then take it off to let the top crisp. I'm not sure why this one was different than the first one, probably something to do with not using sugar, or something like that. Anyways just a little tip. Besides being pretty crispy on the top everyone at the shower really liked it and that made me really happy.

After the baby shower, my mom and I went to an apple cider pressing party at one of her co-worker's houses, and it was such a blast! What a better way to get all the man power needed to make cider than to invite all your friends over for a pot luck? I can definitely see myself owning a press in the future and having awesome autumn parties like the one I attended. The cider tasted great too.

I feel like this will definitely become one of my go to dishes for a simple and healthy(ish) dessert. Have a wonderful week!

Naomi Odlin