Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Etsy Love: Baby Edition

So my cousin is having her first child later this year, a girl, and I simply adore children, I mean I'm a nanny it's kind of in the job description. She's having a shower on Sunday, so of course I have been obsessing over everything in the baby section of Etsy. Though it's probably too late to order anything, I still can't help but look and fall in live with it all! Here I'll share some things I love, that I just picked out, favorited before in hopes of getting it for my niece, or just something that I plan to get for my future children. I hope you like them and think everything is as cute as I do!

Peas in a pod, like OMG.

I think everyone in the 90s had a Stacking toy.

I'm a geek and I am totally putting this Star Wars sign on my car when I have a kid.

Cute and simple elephant puzzle.

I mentioned I'm a geek right? And a huge Trekky. And Spock makes a cute doll.

What a happy pull horse!

I love this little camera for a little photographer.

Waldorf dolls are just the sweetest.

Well there you have it. And by now you've probably picked up on my Etsy obsession. I could be on that site for days without being bothered. For my cousin's shower though, I think my mom and I are going to get a couple things off her registry and then maybe pop down to a local shop and grab a cute handmade stuffed animal or toy. Oh babies are such fun! 

Have a wonderful week everyone, I'll get into the habit of posting more often one day I'm sure of it!

Naomi Odlin